Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Elevated Railway and Civic Beauty

In February of 1907, Ernest C. Moses, in an article of that title in the monthly magazine THE WORLD TODAY, claimed that the new elevated railroad system in Berlin was "The most artistic and most thoroughly constructed roadway of its kind in the world to-day." I scanned the article a few years ago, and have now taken the time to clean up the scans of the half-tone photos that were printed to illustrate the text. The captions of the photos do a good job of summarizing the points the author was making.

Here are the pictures: from Berlin, from Chicago, and a two-page spread (combined back into one by the magic of Photoshop) from New York. If you're desperate to read the text, and can't find it on Google or the Internet Archive of the Hathi Trust, send a note and I'll see if I can put it online somewhere. As always, click to see a bigger version.

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